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Silvia Maria Gramegna

Designer and PhD, member of Lab.I.R.Int. - Laboratory of Innovation and Research on Interiors – Silvia Maria Gramegna is an assistant professor at the Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano.

Her research work addresses issues that explore the strong anthropological value of Design. In particular, her covered research topics encompass the development of therapeutic environments for elderly with dementia, within the context of GRACE_Lab, an experimental interdisciplinary laboratory aimed at developing spatial solutions and devices to enhance the effectiveness of Non-Pharmacological Therapies for Alzheimer’s Disease. Furthermore, her research explores the enhancement of sensoriality and perceived quality of places (interiors and urban areas), through an inclusive approach, which focuses on the evolution of the concept of Inclusive Design, into Design for Diversities - experienced in the field of ageing society. This research field recognizes the different types of fragilities (physical, sensory, communicative and cognitive) and marginalization, and has developed different action-research activities.

In addition, there are further lines of research, such as:

#2 Role of Design as an activator of change and development of new intercultural collaborative practices and social innovation to which various research, teaching and training experiences in multicultural contexts refer, aimed at exploring how Design can activate design practices and innovations from the encounter of different cultures;

#3 Investigation and development of new tools, design practices and innovative didactic instruments to which reference is made to research experiences aimed at identifying tools, languages and themes characterising the contemporary national and international debate

#4 Promotion of the Culture of Design, of Made in Italy and of the fundamentals of Design for the identification of new disciplinary scenarios in national and international contexts to which reference is made to experiences aimed at framing and disseminating the Culture of Design, current trends, design innovations and the fundamentals of the discipline of Interior Design.

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