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Collabora con noi

The Design Department collaborates with external companies in the field of research and training, offering consultancy and services to transfer knowledge and skills and help increase the innovation capacity of its ecosystem.


Research collaborations

The Department offers qualified research and consulting skills in the various fields of design and puts its laboratory infrastructures at the service of companies, public and private bodies and associations for application and experimentation activities.
It activates research and consultancy projects developed ad hoc on the needs of clients, involving dedicated teams of professors and researchers and offering access to its technological and laboratory infrastructures.


Teaching collaborations

The Department develops educational activities involving students of the School of Design Courses on specific design themes proposed by companies and external bodies through intensive workshops, project seminars, and ideas competitions. The educational collaborations are formalized by specific collaboration agreements that guarantee confidentiality, regulate the terms of protection of intellectual property, and define the access mode by the clients to the communicative and commercial enhancement of the results.

The Department offers postgraduate, specialist and continuing education activities for professionals, companies and public and private bodies, entrusting the organization and management to Polidesign and Milano Fashion Institute Consortium.

The Department carries out consultancy activities for international educational institutions and institutions for the development and launch of new training courses in the field of design. In particular, it offers support for the planning of the training offer according to the specificities of the territory and the local training market, for the development of the necessary training skills and competencies, and for the planning of laboratory and support infrastructures.


Doctoral collaborations

The Doctoral Programme in Design offers the possibility of running doctoral programmes financed or co-financed by companies and external bodies on specific research programmes, in the form of Executive Doctorates ↗ or Themed Fellowships ↗.