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The Prototype Laboratory specialises in the production of models and prototypes for design and industry. The Laboratory combines traditional craftsmanship with the most up-to-date prototyping technologies, in the belief that technology alone, however advanced, is neither sufficient not adequate to respond to the complex reality in which designers are called upon to operate. The Laboratory also works in the fields of architecture, town planning and art installations, in particular for large-scale works and art installations. Particular attention is paid to feasibility and production checks in order to optimise project times and costs by working with all existing materials on the market.

Equipment and workstations

The Prototype Lab provides the necessary equipment for manual and digital prototyping:

  • Areas equipped with workstations, including professor and video projection stations
  • 3D printer area with 2 Formlabs (resin), 3 Deltawasp, 4 Ultimaker U3, 1 Ultimaker S5
Hand tools, power tools and machinery for wood and plastic processing, disk and belt sanders, band saws, drill presses
  • Metal cutting and welding room
  • Roland milling cutter with automatic tool change (30x40x30 cm)
  • Cobot UR Robots U10 - Anthropomorphic robotic arm 7 degrees of freedom
  • IdeA area for IOT prototyping
  • Laser machines for cutting and marking small and large formats
  • Blade cutting machines

Teaching and business services

  • Design and creation of architectural and urban planning models
  • Design and creation of models and prototypes
  • Design, consultancy and execution of works of art, sculptures and art installations
  • Product development consultancy
  • Workshops and specialised courses

Consulting services

The Prototype Lab offers students of the School and researchers and professors of the Department the opportunity to make appointments with a specialised technician for a personalised consultation:

  • Prototype Project Consultancy
  • 3D Printing Consultancy Support for the appropriate design and execution of manufactured articles/products that can be produced using additive prototyping techniques with FDM and SLA.
  • Circuit Consultancy Support for the development of IoT projects to monitor, control and transfer information and then carry out the relevant actions.

To book lab services use the AFFLUENCES app.

Access the lab

Access to the Laboratory is subject to passing the Safety Course for Access to the Department of Design's Laboratories available in the Online Services in the Data/Safety Courses section.

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