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The Department of Design is the main Italian center for scientific research in the field of design, rooted in the Italian design culture and oriented to explore new disciplinary frontiers, putting design at the service of contemporary challenges.



The challenges that characterize contemporary societies, the complexity of research contexts and the accelerating processes of change confront academic institutions with the need to rethink their role and mission.
Within this framework, the Department aims to contribute to increasing scientific knowledge in the field of design in constant dialogue with other disciplines, with the aim of enriching its theoretical framework, tools and methodologies, redefining its perimeter and application contexts in relation to the technological, social and cultural transformations. To this end, the Department develops activities of research, training and technology transfer enhancing the potential of design as an agent of change towards new paradigms of development oriented towards environmental, social and cultural sustainability.



The QS World University Rankings places Politecnico di Milano seventh in the world in the area Art & Design and first in Europe, in recognition of the skills developed and the value of the research produced by the Department, which are the basis of his academic reputation and international recognition.
In the Italian context, the Department has been selected by the Ministry of University and Research among the "departments of excellence," the only one in Italy in this discipline, confirming its scientific and cultural leadership in the area of design.

8th in the world and 1st in Europe



The Department of Design is home to more than 120 professors and researchers working in the various fields of design research and education. The faculty is joined by technical-administrative staff who coordinate and manage the Department's organizational services and the Design Labs System.
It also welcomes more than 80 Research fellows and PhD students who contribute to one of the largest international research communities in this field.

Finally, with the aim of enriching the cultural vision behind its scientific project, the Department makes available numerous Visiting Professor positions each year that attract a growing number of researchers from leading international universities and research centers.


Polimi Design System

The Department, together with the School of Design ↗ and the Consortium ↗ forms the Design System of the Politecnico di Milano, capable of operating synergistically on research, training and transfer of innovation to companies. In this configuration it represents the largest university design hub at the Italian level, recognized among the main centers of excellence on the international scene.