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Technical and administrative staff

The technical-administrative staff is in charge of the technical, organisational and managerial activities supporting research, teaching and communication in the Department.

Department Manager

The Department Manager supports the governing bodies of the Department by coordinating the staff of the administrative and technical structure and supports the Head of Department in the management of resources in order to achieve the Department's objectives.



Department Manager

02 2399 7249

Toninelli Rosa

Responsabile gestionale

Staff Services Unit

The Office provides information and operational support to the Head, the Department Manager and the Governing Bodies. It supports the Head and the Department Manager in the administration of the Teaching Staff with regard to career management and of the Technical/Administrative Staff.



Unit Manager

Checchi Paola

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Communication Office

The Communications Office supports the Head, the professors and the Department Manager in communications regarding activities, news and events, also through its continuous dialogue with the university’s Communications Area. It manages and updates the Department’s communication tools and website.

Safety Unit

The Safety Office coordinates the management of safety through the operational supervision of all the processes falling within the Department's competence in the field of occupational safety and health. It is responsible for waste management and the disposal of hazardous equipment and substances. It provides support on access and online security training courses. 


Unit Manager

Dall'amico Matteo

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General Services and ICT Unit

The General Services and ICT Unit oversees the management of general and logistical services, through the control of departmental spaces, checking their condition and maintenance. It also manages ICT services, email services, acquisition and distribution of goods, warehouse management and stationery.



Unit Manager

02 2399 5982

Cima Valeria Giulia Laura

Referente di unità

02 2399 5942

Salerno Franca

Teaching Support Unit

The Teaching Support Unit contributes to the management of teaching support Unit services and of the educational programme. It oversees the management of teaching collaborations, tutoring and internships. It is responsible for the management of PhDs as a PhD secretariat. It supports and makes arrangements for Visiting Professors.



Research Support Unit

The Office’s services support research, evaluation and verification of formal and legal aspects of contracts. It supports professors in their participation in research calls, budget management, research evaluation, accounting management of staff contract procedures. The Office oversees the administrative and accounting management of research contracts and projects and the management of research fellowships. 



Unit Manager

Calegari Daniele Ruben

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Ramos Mora Amaelys


Sponziello Stefania

Administration and Accounting Unit

The Office oversees the operational management of the Department's procurement and payment mandates, as well as the management of purchase and reimbursement requests, inventory items, collaboration contracts and their payment. In coordination with the Research Unit, it contributes to the management of expenditure budgets, budget preparation and accounting records. 



Unit Manager

Bertolino Ester

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Maniscalco Daniela Ivana Antonella



Design Labs Unit

The Laboratory System Unit contributes to managing the activities and needs of the Design Laboratories in order to support the teaching activities of the programmes of the Department and School of Design. It supports and encourages the Labs to facilitate the provision of services and advice to companies, associations and organisations in the professional world.


Unit Manager

02 2399 7812

Cosmai Luca

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Image Lab

The Image Lab is dedicated to supporting teaching and research activities in the fields of design, production and management of communicative products in audio-visual and photographic formats. The Image Lab provides transversal and multidisciplinary competences, whether strategic, linguistic or technical. It offers complete solutions for communication in traditional and digital media, taking care of the project in all its phases, from concept to pre-production, from production to post-production, from editing to compositing.


Lab Manager

Bergamini Matteo Paolo

Referente di laboratorio

Exhibit Lab

Exhibit Lab is dedicated to design, execution and experimentation in the field of interior design, understood as domestic, commercial, exhibition, work and transport spaces. The space, equipment and know-how of the Installations Lab staff are aimed at providing support and experimental teaching, at designing and implementing structures and systems for exhibitions and events, and at experimenting and using new materials in the field of furniture and interior design.


Lab Manager

Chernicoff Mariano

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Sangiorgio Camillo

Fashion Lab

This Fashion Lab consists of several spaces dedicated to knitwear and tailoring. The equipment and the instruments present allow to work with fabrics, yarns, leathers and innovative materials as well as to experiment with different processing practices and traditional and innovative modeling. In the Fashion Lab external companies can find a valuable aid for their research and experimentation.


Lab Manager

Sabbioni Angelo

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Tarantino Lucia Consiglia

Prototypes Lab

The Prototypes Lab specialises in the production of models and prototypes for design and industry and combines traditional craftsmanship with the most up-to-date prototyping technologies. The Laboratory also works in the fields of architecture, town planning and art installations, in particular for large-scale works and art installations. Particular attention is paid to feasibility and production checks in order to optimise project times and costs by working with all existing materials on the market.





02 2399 7234

Fusca Marcello Cono



02 2399 5831

Musante Fulvio


Lab Manager

Piccoli Matteo

Referente di laboratorio