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Cesare Stevan

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On the day of his passing, we would like to remember Cesare Stevan, an exceptional figure in the world of architecture and design culture and a fundamental example of his far-sighted contribution to multidisciplinarity, as evidenced by the support he gave to the creation of the "Design System" of Politecnico di Milano.

We remember Professor Stevan through his words in an interview he gave last year, in the context of the Design Philology project, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the foundation of the first Italian degree course in Industrial Design, within the Faculty of Architecture, of which he was then Dean.

His ability to look to the future with great vision, both in research and teaching, has given us an important cultural legacy and a valuable example to follow.

«1984 was the final stage: the idea of an industrial design course was born. It took another ten years, from 1984 to '93, to achieve what I had hoped for: a Faculty of Design. I had hoped for it not only in the abstract, for cultural reasons, because I saw in this opening up to design a new, open culture that would deal with the new realities of design, but I also wanted it because it was the only real innovation in the university since the Politecnico was founded: to go from two to three faculties.»