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Awards and Mentions conferred on members of our community

Compasso d'Oro Award 2022

27 June 2022 — 3 minutes read

On Monday 20 June, the ADI Design Museum hosted the award ceremony for the prestigious Italian industrial design prize.

We are glad to announce that the Compasso d'Oro alla Carriera award, given every year to various national and international personalities who have distinguished themselves in the field of design, has been awarded to Michele De Lucchi, Full Professor of our Department.

We would also like to point out that the same acknowledgement was awarded to Giovanni Anceschi, a long-time lecturer at the Politecnico di Milano.

The publication "Designing in Dark Times" (Bloomsbury Publishing) was awarded the Compasso d'Oro 2022.

Editor of the book Virginia Tassinari, professor at the Department of Design, with Eduardo Staszowski.

The book aims to initiate an important and necessary reflection on the reasons and responsibilities of design and the designer in relation to the challenges and changes of the contemporary world.

Virginia Tassinari (Editor) - Politecnico di Milano, Eduardo Staszowski (Editor), Clive Dilnot (Editor), Andrew LeClair (Graphic Design Director), Laura Wing (Managing Editor), Lesley Onstott, Lucas Teixeira Vaqueiro (Social Media Designers).

The project "Atlas Calvino. Literature and Visualisation " was awarded with the Menzione d'Onore.

The digital platform, designed by the DensityDesign research laboratory, is proposed as a visual guide for exploring the corpus of Italo Calvino's narrative writings, allowing for the knowledge of a series of literary investigations conducted on the author's production.

Team: Michele Mauri, Tommaso Elli, Ángeles Briones, Beatrice Gobbo, Paolo Ciuccarelli - Density Design, Department of Design - Politecnico di Milano; Francesca Serra, Valeria Cavallini, Virginia Giustetto and Margherita Parigini - Unité d'italien, Université de Genève
Visit the platform:

The 12/13 issue of "AIS/Design Journal. Storia e Ricerche", entitled "Social Design. Design and the 'common good", during the cerimony, was awarded with the Menzione d'Onore.

The editorial proposes an innovative view on the study of history, which thus becomes a critical tool for understanding the present through an innovative approach compared to traditional historiography.

The editorial was edited by our Professors Marinella Ferrara, Francesco E. Guida, Chiara Lecce and Mario Piazza - Department of Design - Politecnico di Milano - (with Raimonda Riccini and Paola Proverbio).
To consult the editorial:

We also point out the Targhe Giovani conferred to selected Thesis projects realised, with the guidance of professors, by our students.

Rachele Didero for the thesis "Adversarial Knitted Fashion - CAP_able".
Capable is an Italian startup that offers highly innovative design products characterized by strong technological and ethical components, as a mean to express oneself and to feel part of a community. Capable's first project is the Manifesto Collection, the first collection of knitted garments that shield facial recognition, without the need to cover the face.

Thesis advisor: Giovanni Maria Conti, Department of Design - Politecnico di Milano
Co-advisor: Martina Motta, Department of Design - Politecnico di Milano

Rei Morozumi for the thesis "SU.RE.TOOLS - Designing Surveillance Resilience".
Digital surveillance is certainly a topical issue. Big Data, AI, and the proliferation of IoT lead to the increasing of ubiquitous surveillance in everyday life, raising urgent questions about the protection of privacy, the freedom of individuals and, consequently, the very foundations of democracy. The project addresses this issue using a provocative but at the same time pragmatic, problem-solving approach.

Thesis advisor: Massimo Bianchini, Department of Design - Politecnico di Milano
Co-advisor: Francesco Zurlo, Department of Design - Politecnico di Milano

Beatrice Borghi for the thesis " Guida agli archivi di progetto attraverso il territorio. Archivio diffuso delle mappe implicite".
The thesis paper focuses on archives and the memories that these archives preserve, in relation to the territory where memories and places are strongly interconnected. The territory and the places, become activators of memory, elements capable of transforming memories into shareable active materials, bringing out experiences, relationships, social and cultural dynamics.

Thesis advisor: Daniela A. Calabi, Department of Design - Politecnico di Milano

Co-advisor: Anna Steiner

Emma Gambardella for the thesis "E_Sportswear. A new category of functional apparel".
The eSportswear project aims to define a new category of technical apparel that can meet the needs, expressed and otherwise, of 21st century sports. At a time when everything is rapidly transforming, the virtual seems to be replacing the real, the concepts of space and time have not only shortened, but have taken on new forms and connotations, in which everything evolves and questions the past, even sports, becomes a mirror of the current situation.

Thesis advisor: Roberto Liberti, Department of Design - Politecnico di Milano
Co-advisor: Barbara Del Curto, Politecnico di Milano