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Milano Design Week 2024

Exhibitions, installations and events of the Polimi Design System

24 April 2024 — 2 minutes read

The Department of Design, the School of Design and the consortium have once again confirmed their commitment to enhancing and promoting creativity, design and innovation.

The Milano Design Week 2024 has come to an end. The Design System of Politecnico di Milano presented the widespread event INTERDEPENDENCE - designing relationships and a series of other events featuring projects, installations and performances by members of our System.

Interdependence was the central theme of the DesignXDesigners exhibition, featuring the work of Polimi Design System students at Campus Bovisa Durando, of the international INTERDEPENDENCE exhibition in the spaces of Fabbrica del Vapore and of an interactive installation at Salone Satellite.

"INTERDEPENDENCE" at Fabbrica del Vapore

The rich exhibition programme allowed allowed more than 6,500 visitors to explore the dense network of relationships and connections that characterise the contemporary world, through a selection of projects by students from Politecnico and fifty other international universities.

"INTERDEPENDENCE" at Salone del Mobile

"DesignXDesigners" at Campus Bovisa Durando

Many other initiatives involved professors and researchers from the Department and the School of Design, highlighting the different design and research areas of the System: from industrial design to fashion, from interiors and furniture to communication, from services to branding, from transport to design engineering.

Among the exhibitions, "New Materials" covered the 10 years of experimentation of the MadeTrans laboratory, led by Valentina Rognoli and focused on material research, from the cultivation of bacteria and fungi to the use of new processes and technologies; while the installation "To the edge of matter. An unforgettable journey", curated by Ico Migliore, offered the public a journey into matter, between the physical and the virtual.

“To the edge of matter. An unforgettable journey” at MEET Digital Culture Center

"Shaping Sustainable Innovations Through Design Practice", curated by Venanzio Arquilla, Patrizia Bolzan and Carlo Emilio Standoli, presented a selection of prototypes made by the students of the Master's degree course in Integrated Product Design; "Design is Happiness" exhibited the work of the students of the Landscape and Interior Spatial Design workshop led by Professors Michele De Lucchi, Francesca Balena Arista, Marco De Santi and Francesco Clerici.

“Design is Happiness” at Garage Gorizia

“Shaping Sustainable Innovations Through Design Practice” at spazio Ex Cisterne, Fabbrica del Vapore

The "On Weaving" exhibition, born from the encounter of two ancient textile cultures, the Italian and the Japanese, featured the collaboration of Giovanni Maria Conti and Martina Motta and Labir_int; the G-Gravity space hosted the projects developed within the "Work Living Hub. Workplace ecosystem for behaviours of the future", led by Barbara Camocini, Francesca Foglieni, Marco Bencivenga, and Michele Zini, with the supervision of the tutors Melania Vicentini, Elena Martucci and Carola Zulato.

“On Weaving” at Casa C&C

During the 2024 edition of Milan Design Week, the Politecnico di Milano renewed its commitment to research in the field of design, also thanks to its collaboration with an ever-growing international network. This was fully demonstrated by the extraordinary response of students and institutions who wanted to put their voice alongside that of our Design System, thus ensuring productive interactions of places, visions and knowledge.

"Fuorimercato" at Out! Il Cortile Sociale

"Work Living Hub" at G-Gravity

Photo credits: Image Lab