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Lab.I.R.Int, Genera e Comune di Milano. Casa Chiaravalle

01 June 2021 — 1 minutes read

From 20 to 22 May, a group of Interior Design undergraduates designed and built rooms and exteriors for Cascina Grace, a guesthouse for the elderly that the Genera Cooperative is setting up inside Casa Chiaravalle, the largest seized property in the Lombardy Region, in the care of the City of Milan.

For several years, and even more so today, Genera has been engaged in the design and implementation of innovative places for the care of the elderly; places open to the community and characterised by a positive living and cross-generational dimension; places where people of all ages take care of each other.

The Cascina Grace areas will initially be used as summer accommodation for the elderly and then as an experimental Alzheimer's Village, the second after the one built in the Figino neighbourhood. The students tailored their projects on the basis of this last, delicate and more fragile user group. They "took care" of the residence's spaces, making them cosy and unique, ready to welcome future guests into a comfortable, domestic environment. During the two days of the workshop, they created the installations designed for the rooms, each decorated according to a different, unique theme, and for some of the spaces in the green area surrounding the facility, through shaded structures that allow the garden and a bowling green to be experienced in the shade of the trees.

These projects are part of the experiments carried out by the Lab.I.R.Int research team for the construction of therapeutic habitats to support non-pharmacological therapies for Alzheimer, in collaboration with GENERA Onlus, within the GRACE_Lab laboratory.

At the end of the workshop we received visits from Mayor Beppe Sala, Councillor Gabriele Rabaiotti and Prof. Marco Trabucchi. Also present was Pierfrancesco Majorino, former Councillor for Social Policies, who in recent years has followed the rebirth of the seized property.

Agnese Azzola, Alessio Ruggieri, Arianna Terzi, Eleonora Alberti, Elisa Morandi, Elisa Sozzi, Fabio Rossi, Francesca Sena, Francesco Bivona, Francesco Ciceri, Ilaria Molteni, Ilaria Veronese, Juncheng Xiang, Kaiserin Alen Panganiban, Lorenzo Filippi, Martina Gelmi, Matilde Agnello, Marta Menassi, Matteo Cassina

Lorenzo Fossi

POLIMI coordination:
Alessandro Biamonti, Silvia Maria Gramegna

GENERA coordination:
Andrea Coden, Sara Mariazzi

Paolo Padova Exhibit Lab - Design Department for his technical support, Armando Sena for his valuable help, Elena Galimberti for the beautiful shots